Gesture based/ Touch basedTry N Buy

  • Virtual Try-n-Buy is an application that will revolutionize buying experience for your customers.
  • Enhance your customer’s in-store experience with offering your patrons unlimited collections with a managed inventory.
  • Your customers get to try on products (Jewellery, apparel, watch or eye ware) giving them
    the real feeling of what the product feel
    s like.
  • We effectively use platforms that are android and iOS based to create a virtual store of products.

How it Works
Try N Buy

Gesture based/ Touch based

  • Gesture based, Kinect driven Try & Buy where the BUYER would come to the showroom and stand in front of the Magic mirror.
  • The mirror would turn on and the Kinect would map the buyer.
  • The mirror would display the picture of the buyer along with a menu with categories.
  • Using gesture, the buyer could select the category and the Jewellery and see it on herself.
  • She could also save the image, share it on social media.


Online – Let them try it on Anywhere!!!


  • Offer the convenience of browsing at home or work and trying jewels virtually to select the right look.
  • Engage new and current customers in an Try N Buyinteractive way from the convenience of their mobile devices or online websites.
  • Customers can effortlessly browse your current inventory any time, any place, anywhere.
  • Store owners can easily insert and update jewelry items through the application
  • Changes made are instantly available to customers.
  • Customers can store their favorite items in a cart to try on again later or buy the next time they’re in the store.
  • This feature simulates customer behavior of trying out various jewels in front of a mirror to help them overcome their anxiety of how the apparel featured online would actually look on them.