• Now try each dress without waiting for the dressing room.
  • Selected dress will be projected onto shopper’s mirror image and allow shoppers to virtually ‘try on’ the clothes.
  • Integrated with sensor, a motion sensing device, detects shoppers’ movements and allows them to choose from a range of dresses by swiping their hands horizontally.


How it Works

  • For small retailers with limited in-store display & warehouse space

– Clothes images may upload to Magic Mirror

–Reduce rental by not having a huge storage place to physically store all items with different sizes and colors

  • In-store online catalogue

– Shoppers may flip through the latest collection/best sellers in Magic Mirror

  • Encourage ‘Try and Buy’ behavior

– Allows shoppers to catch a glimpse on the virtual dress fitting and entices them to physically try on the dresses they do not plan to try beforehand

  • Minimize the hassles of trying clothes physically. Clothes fitting could be troublesome and time consuming
  • Minimize the long queue problem at the dressing room which might restrain the shoppers’ desire to shop in the store





Made 2 Measure

  • Now give the customer the freedom to customize their garments, just the way they like it.
  • An application created just for the users to select & customize apparel based on their preferences and then finalize orders.
  • Application compatible to run on web, mobile & tablets across platforms.
  • Also, Try-On the customized garment.
  • And share it on Social Media.


How it WorksMade 2 Measure

  • Provide customers with an interactive platform to make changes to different aspects of the product such as fabric, fitting style, collar types, pockets and many more.
  • Allow customers to be able to login to the application and place their orders online.
  • Integrate a payment gateway to allow the customers to pay online for their orders.
  • Implement an easy to manage content management system that allows admin to change the online content
  • Provide a backend system where admin can track all orders placed through the application and view status of the same.
  • Allow payment gateway options for customers to buy directly from the application.





Gesture based/ Touch basedTry N Buy

  • Virtual Try-n-Buy is an application that will revolutionize buying experience for your customers.
  • Enhance your customer’s in-store experience with offering your patrons unlimited collections with a managed inventory.
  • Your customers get to try on products (Jewellery, apparel, watch or eye ware) giving them
    the real feeling of what the product feel
    s like.
  • We effectively use platforms that are android and iOS based to create a virtual store of products.


How it Works
Try N Buy

Gesture based/ Touch based

  • Gesture based, Kinect driven Try & Buy where the BUYER would come to the showroom and stand in front of the Magic mirror.
  • The mirror would turn on and the Kinect would map the buyer.
  • The mirror would display the picture of the buyer along with a menu with categories.
  • Using gesture, the buyer could select the category and the Jewellery and see it on herself.
  • She could also save the image, share it on social media.


Online – Let them try it on Anywhere!!!

  • Offer the convenience of browsing at home or work and trying jewels virtually to select the right look.
  • Engage new and current customers in an interactive way from the convenience of Try N Buytheir mobile devices or online websites.
  • Customers can effortlessly browse your current inventory any time, any place, anywhere.
  • Store owners can easily insert and update jewelry items through the application
  • Changes made are instantly available to customers.
  • Customers can store their favorite items in a cart to try on again later or buy the next time they’re in the store.
  • This feature simulates customer behavior of trying out various jewels in front of a mirror to help them overcome their anxiety of how the apparel featured online would actually look on them.






  • The Holographic box is a box that presents your product in a spectacular new way.
  • With the HoloBox, you can create a virtual world around your product. Through a special technique we create the illusion of a hologram.
  • This gives a very interesting experience that makes your product stand out.
  • Wherever the HoloBox is placed, people will stop and watch – this gives your product the attention it deserves.


How it Works

  • The HoloBox is easy to set up and requires little maintenance.Holoboxes
  • Shopping windows, shops, fairs, almost any place can be adorned by this box.
  • The content is created as desired. With the HoloBox you can highlight your product 24 hours a day.







  • Creating unique virtual environments and lure your customers.Holography
  • Our solution is a customized, advanced visualization solution that creates a completely contained, realistic, life size virtual environment.
  • Example, Create 3D holographic Mannequins at the store front that walk with the users.
  • These mannequins walk along the passerby.
  • The users can change the attire of the mannequins by engaging with the touch based film over the store-front glass.


How it Works

  • With our visualization solutions you can produce images/ video in any sizeor shape, front or rear projected, spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screen, from small
    screens to large-
    scale dome configurations.
  • The user Walks toward the Screen and the Virtual mannequin Appears on the Holographyglass wall at a corresponding location(in-front) of the user.
  • With input points on the wall – Next & previous Buttons, the user is able to change the clothes on the mannequin. This works on Though Glass Interaction.
  • Facility to leave contact details for communication.






Interactive Customizer

  • Now give your patrons to design their one –of-a-kind Bag/ Shoe.
  • Blow away your customers with an unique opportunity to visualize, interact & customize your products.


How it Works

  • Real-time interaction.
  • Customer is able to rotate, change colors,

    change elements, & customize it as per
    their requirements.Interactive Customizer
  • It works across platforms.
  • Runs along side your manufacturing rules.
  • Shorten your design to shelf life cycle.