Players in sample layouts are FPO only. Replace with high resolution player images. Please note that the use of players by Marketing and Promotional Partners is subject to Business Review and must comply with the NBA’s IP Guidelines. In certain instances, the NBA will allow exceptions to its IP Guidelines with respect to art used in connection with NBA India Games. For example, this poster has been approved for use despite the fact that it does not contain the players’ full bodies and does not depict the players on the same plane. There are a number of factors that the NBA will consider (in its discretion) when determining whether to make an exception to its IP Guidelines, including, the number and prominence of partner branding and whether an observer is likely to view the depiction as a player endorsement. For example, this poster is team focused, features 6 equally-prominent players, is used primarily for event promotion and prominently depicts the NBA India Games. In addition please remember that images of any players who have endorsement conflicts may never be used. Consent to use non-NBA players is still required in