• Now try each dress in magic mirror without waiting for the dressing room.
  • Selected dress will be projected onto shopper’s mirror image app and allow shoppers to virtually ‘try on’ the clothes.
  • Integrated with sensor, a motion sensing device, detects shoppers’ movements and allows them to choose from a range of dresses by swiping their hands horizontally.

How it Works

  • For small retailers with limited in-store display and warehouse space

– Clothes images may upload to Magic Mirror software

–Reduce rental by not having a huge storage place to physically store all items with different sizes and colors

  • In-store online catalogue

– Shoppers may flip through the latest collection/best sellers in Magic Mirror

  • Encourage ‘Try and Buy’ behavior

– Allows shoppers to catch a glimpse on the virtual dress fitting and entices them to physically try on the dresses they do not plan to try beforehand

  • Minimize the hassles of trying clothes physically. Clothes fitting could be troublesome and time consuming
  • Minimize the long queue problem at the dressing room which might restrain the shoppers’ desire to shop in the store