Holography is the technology and exercise of creating holograms. usually, a 3D hologram is a photographic recording of a light field, in preference to of an picture shaped via a lens, and it’s far used to show a fully 3-dimensional photo. It is seen without the useful resource of unique glasses or other intermediate optics.

Holographic Features

  • Creating unique virtual environments and lure your customers.Holography
  • Our solution is a customized, advanced visualization solution that creates a completely contained, realistic, life size virtual environment.
  • Example, Create 3D holographic Mannequins at the store front that walk with the users.
  • These mannequins walk along the passerby.
  • The users can change the attire of the mannequins by engaging with the touch based film over the store-front glass.

How it Works

  • With our visualization solutions you can produce images/ video in any sizeor shape, front or rear projected, spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screen, from small
    screens to large-
    scale dome configurations.
  • The user Walks toward the Screen and the Virtual mannequin Appears on the glass wall at a corresponding location(in-front) of the user.Holography
  • With input points on the wall – Next & previous Buttons, the user is able to change the clothes on the mannequin. This works on Though Glass Interaction.
  • Facility to leave contact details for communication.