Augmented Reality Apps Use in Many Field

Augmented reality gives to the process of enhancing the views of actual world that we look throughout our eyes, with support of computer generated imagery. The aim behind augmented reality is add the real world places or any products. this is different from virtual reality Augmented reality takes real world object or space as the base and compare lots technologies that add correct information to help the person understand best about that space or subject. Augmented reality (AR) also adds audio voice speech.

Augmented reality (AR) technology is rapidly going to advance in latest years and has been started to put into vast field that includes augmented reality aviation apps, augmented reality museums apps, augmented reality medical apps, augmented reality automobile apps.

Next augmented reality can also act as an informative and entertainment tool for an ordinary person. There are many mobile phone augmented reality (AR) applications that can be downloaded by the user and use it for informative purpose. few of the multiple mobile platform applications that are available in the market.