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We are 3D Experience Specialists. We help companies showcase their products in an interactive, Life-Like, Visually stunning and engaging way.
We have harnessed the power of real time 3D to create Product Visualization, Learning and Training experiences(apps) for Sales, Marketing, Technical, Engineering, Training and other core departments.
We work with the top brands in the world in Automotive, Real Estate, Architect 3D Visualization, Interior Design 3D Visualization , Architecture Visualization, Experiential Marketing and FMCG sector.

Our creations work across platforms like Mobile App (IOS, Android, Windows, BB) to Holographic Displays, Hologram 3D,  Gesture, Touch, Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality Apps Implementations, Augmented Reality Apps Implementation.
We are a diverse team of C++ programmers, 3D Artists, Creative Visualizers and Innovation Engineers working together to create “First Of A Kind Experience”.

Interactive Apps

3dWe create user experiences that are more than just design, we create seamless experiences that engage the customer. The interactive nature of the technology used, allows the viewer to completely immerse themselves in the project, providing the ultimate visualization and communication tool.
In the development of 3D Interactive apps, multiple different domains of computer visualization and interactive programming come together to create a user experience. We at unity 3d development, architecture visualization, Interior Design apps have mastered the art of building incredible 3D assets and adding life to them via programming to provide the end user a life-like experience.

Virtual Reality Companies

vrThrough Virtual Reality, we create computer simulated environments that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world
through visual experiences displayed either through a computer screen or through special stereoscopic displays. In the science of creating immersive-interactive experiences, various fields of Stereoscopy (3D vision), (Virtual Reality Apps) unity 3d development, Gesture, Tracking and Synchronous multiple visualizations come together to form the domain of virtual reality in today’s world. We at Zed Interactive, are focused on using the capabilities of virtual reality India to take the user experience to the next level in a simplistic yet impactful manner. Our founder is extremely passionate about virtual reality and spends a lot of his time advising and helping clients improve their customer experience and overcome existing 3D visualization challenges with the help of interactive virtual visualizations.

Augmented Reality Apps

arAs the word suggests Augmented Reality is the augmentation of the real world with additions of the virtual world. It is a live, direct/indirect view of a physical, real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory inputs. The basic underlying motive is to enhance one’s current perception of reality. In order to work, Augmented Reality Apps, architecture visualization 3D, Architect, Interior Design application needs to have the following factors in place: Camera, Electronic Device, App with the capability to process visual information in real time, Content that needs to be experienced. In simple words, Augmented Reality superimposes an additional layer of information in the form of text, images, 3D models etc. in the field of view of the camera/ human eye. Thus, the information about the surrounding real world, becomes interactive and digitally controllable.



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